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Overcrowding in public places like malls, multiplexes, markets and office complexes parking spaces have become constrained, often leading to cramming. An efficient parking management system that allows for hassle-free parking with status of parking slots can streamline the process and overcome the issue. Automated parking systems – with intelligent monitoring systems – save time and costs extensively.

TechBee’s end-to-end smart parking solutions with RFID technology is an automated system for parking management. It is designed and developed with a focus on creating smart cities, accelerating economic growth and improving the quality of citizens’ lives.

RFID & Camera

High end cameras detects empty parking spaces and guide vehicles to the nearest empty slot

Sensor based solutions for street parking

Ensures an efficient and smooth parking management system by detecting occupancy of parking spaces. Thereby ensuring de-congestion and smooth flow of traffic

Indoor parking and multi-level parking

Optimizes parking in workplaces, multiplexes, commercial complexes and large corporate parks

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